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We strive to improve the health and wellbeing of the families we serve by providing compassionate and high-quality care in a joyful setting.

Patient Forms


You will need to complete ALL the New Patient Form below as part of the new patient registration process before seeing your CPC physician for the first time.

To register prior to your appointment, please complete, sign, and mail the New Patient Forms to your new physician’s office or bring them with you prior to your first appointment. When you check in you will receive a copy of our office policies which you will also be asked to review and sign. PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES EARLY FOR YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT.
If you have questions about the registration process or your first appointment, please contact the office where you will be seen. Please remember to bring your current insurance card and any medications that you are currently taking with you to your first appointment. Thank you again for choosing CPC. Your health is in good hands!
Should I transfer my care to a CPC physician now or wait until the next time I need to see a physician?:
If you have made the decision to transfer your care to a CPC physician, we recommend you do so at your earliest convenience rather than waiting until you are sick. This allows us to have all your medical information on hand at the time of your first appointment in order to provide more personalized care.
Current patient
Have you recently moved, changed insurance plans, or do you have a new phone number or e-mail address? If so, please help us keep our records up-to-date by completing the relevant information on the Patient Information Update form and providing a copy to your doctor’s office.

Other Information

CPC aims to provide the BEST possible medical care to you, when you need it most.

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