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UPDATED May 11, 2021:  

The vaccine is being released to healthcare providers in phases, with specific guidelines set forth by the CDC and state departments of health for administering to patients.  

We do not know when we will have COVID vaccine available. As shipments arrive, we will use information we have on file for all patients such as age, chronic medical conditions, and other risk factors, to determine who is eligible during each phase. We will notify patients as vaccines are available.  

If you are a patient of Center for Primary Care, we can vaccinate you as soon as we are instructed to do so by the state departments of health.

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DPH News Release - Georgia Expands COVID Vaccine Eligibility DPH News Release - Georgia Expands COVID Vaccine Eligibility

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NOTE: If you have already received your first dose of vaccine from another organization, please contact them for information on receiving your second dose.

Updated March 11, 2021

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