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Spring Allergies: Stop The Stuffiness

How do people describe spring allergies?

  • “…make me feel like I’m in a haze. It’s miserable.”
  • “I sneeze a lot…it makes me really tired.”
  • “…all the face and head pressure, almost like I am in a cloud or fog.”
  • “makes you hate flowers…”

If you suffer from allergies, you may have even stronger words to describe these next few months. Here are 3 ways to have a better spring.

#1. Treat allergies during the winter.

Yes, this seems almost cruel to mention now that the days are longer and the temperatures are warming up. Hopefully you will remember before next year rolls around, but also this reflects the importance of seeing your family physician. By touching base with him or her on a regular basis, you will receive solid advice such as possibly taking antihistamines before March rolls around. Lean on their knowledge.

#2. Have a plan of defense.

If you are staying home, install a strong filter in your ventilation system. If yard work is calling, wearing a mask or bandana over your mouth and nose to help filter out allergens. While driving, keep the windows up and make sure the air is circulating just inside the car. There are a number of triggers that can make your time outside more miserable. Talk to a professional about further plans to protect yourself.

#3. Stop eating local honey.

Many people have heard eating local honey keeps the allergies away. Study after study though proves the opposite. We find that we often choose the popular solution for problems, but that solution may not always be effective. Sometimes it could prove harmful. Bring up something you have heard a friend talking about or read online the next time you are in a for an appointment. That will insure you are getting the best advice on the matter.

*Various pieces of the information presentation were taken from online news and information sources as well as case studies on the matter. All quotes were used by permission.